Concerned About T-Ball Scheduling


Dear Editor,

Being a parent of T-ball players I would like to express concern of the scheduling of the games.

My children being involved in sports is great! I think that children need to learn good sportsmanship, social skills and many other important things that T-ball has to offer.

What I don't like is the fact that the games are scheduled on Wednesday nights. That is an evening that those of us who go to church do so. There are many other days of the week and even Saturday to have these games. Sure some will say there are Sunday morning and evening for us to attend church services. They need to learn what I have learned...."Three To Thrive".

I don't understand why there wasn't consideration taken to those of us who do attend church services. I think being in church is more important than playing or being at a T-ball game. Children as well as adults learn things at church that a ball game just won't teach us.

I wonder why no one else has spoke out about this? Whatever the reason being, I myself am questioning it.

A Concerned Christian Parent,
Mandee Richards