I am writing to tell The Hur Herald that I really enjoy looking at the articles and pictures on this web site.

I am originally from Calhoun County and have been living on Lake Norman in NC for about 4 years now, and your web site is my way of keeping in touch with what's new back "home".

My favorites are the picture archives that you have, it makes home feel a lot closer than the 5-6 hour drive. I can look at the County in it's winter snow blanket and enjoy it like I made a visit back.

I haven't had the chance to experience the winter much this year, because we have had no snow here, but Grantsville gets the snow like always!

I just wanted to let you know what a great job you're doing with keeping everyone from the "hills" of West Virginia informed no matter how far we may venture! God bless all back home!

Thank you for your time,
Amy G. Rogers (Carpenter)