Dear Editor,

Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate and thank you for the Hur Herald Web site. Hopefully you enjoy publishing it as much as we enjoy reading it. I finally sat down last night and took the time to read the articles in your archives. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially the ghost stories. The pictures and other historical stories certainly brought back memories. I've forwarded the URL for your site to my son in Italy and friends in Canada. You've gone international and probably didn't know it. Keep up the good work.

I grew up in Big Springs and lived on the right at the top of the Big Springs Hill. I graduated Class of 1960 from CHS. My step-mother still lives in the old home place and we enjoy coming back to visit.

In your Photo Archives page you have a picture of Grade 5; 1952-53; Grantsville Elementary School. The last person in the first row is Dean Burrows. Can't remember what I had for breakfast but I remember him for some reason.

Also, regarding grist mills. There was a grist mill at the bottom of the Big Springs Hill. I can't remember who operated it but my grandfather (Col Wilson) always referred to it as Chestnut Grove mill.

Larry Heffner
formerly of Calhoun Co, New Orleans (twice), Houston (twice), Los Angeles, Denver, Pennsacola and now Lewisburg, WV
we finally came to our senses and came back to the hills.