Up With Alvin


Dear Mr. Weaver,

Since I left West Virginia about six months ago, the Hur Herald has become my primary source of news from my old homeplace, specifically, the Munday-Brohard area. With constant updates and excellent writing, your paper covers local events far better than any other traditional media (excluding, of course, gossip, which expatriates like myself miss out on). So, thank you for a great news source.

I've noticed lately, that some readers have been offended by the political commentary of my old pal Alvin Engelke's "Creston News" column. Alvin was my superviser a few years back when I was employed by the Wirt County division of the Department of Highways. In my checkered work history I have had many bosses and I'll readily admit that Alvin is a far sight better than most. Furthermore, I don't believe he is a racist (despite his use of overtly racist terms, such as "raghead" and "t--d world country").

While I disagree with almost all of Alvin's political views, I don't believe he should be censored. In fact, I think the best solution would be to give Alvin an entire column to express his political views. That way, readers who wish to catch up with local happenings and characters (such as Cap'n Spock, another buddy of mine from the DOH) could read the Creston News and those who wished to be enlightened or (in my case) riled could read the purely political column. This is merely a suggestion, but one that I think would be beneficial to Alvin, the Herald, and loyal readers.

Thanks again for an excellent publication!

M.C. "Sleepy" Mills,

New York City