Councilwoman Shock Presents View


Dear Editor,

On March 3, 2003, Mayor Gary Knight called the meeting to order. We have an agenda to go by, which he follows. Everything was going well with the meeting. We had to appoint a new council member, (Cheryl Davis.)

When we got down to the Mayor's report, he stated he had 14 matters to take care of. He continued on his report. When we got down to item 13, he asked councilwoman Bonnie Brown if she wanted to discuss Liberty Street. Bonnie waited before answering the mayor. He said if she was not going to, he would, so he started on a council member. He never mentioned her name. The mayor said he didn't care, he had received 2 letters from this council member. She never got any response from him. This council member went to her doctor's office, the mayor's wife works there. The council member asked her (Mayor's wife) about the letters. Her response was, the mayor had given her an answer, "It may not be the answer that you want." The council member then left the establishment. She was not escorted out.

The mayor also said that she (the councilwoman) had been a detriment to the council, ever since she took office. He stated that the council member was despicable and undesirable. He stated that the "low-boy parked on Liberty Street is bo hazard."

The council member has approched the fire department. They say they told the mayor, they needed 13 1/2 feet clear to get into the hydrant located on the council member's property.

Mayor Knight also made the statement that the other person is running for mayor because he wants the mayor's job because, a violation occurred and no ticket was issued.

Recorder Jane Wease stated that the council member is in violation of ethics.

Mayor Knight stated that the council member was not fit to be a council member.

According to the September 3, 2002 council meeting, the mayor and Chief McCroskey took care of a situation on Johnson Street. They gave the residents 11 feet to get to their residence.

Why can't this problem on Liberty Street be taken care of? This council member has never asked for anything, but to clear the street. The council member has lost a home one time due to fire. A fire hydrant sits on this property. The minutes of March 3 (council meeting) states to give her free access to her residence.

The council has passed some ordinances and still honors the old ones. In April I asked about the stagnant water ordinance. Section 9-21 reads it shall be unlawful for any person to let any pool of stagnant water accumulate and stand on his property. Section 13-122 #15: Stopping, standing or parking is prohibited in specified places ... within 20 feet of any mail receptacle served regularly by a carrier using a motor vehicle for daily deliveries. If such parking interferes with or causes delay in the carrier schedule. Section 9-24: It shall be the responsibility of each individual to maintain his private property in a clean and suitable manner. It shall be unlawful for any person to locate an old, inoperative, unlicensed, deserted or discarded vehicle upon his property within a residential area.

There has been many topics discussed at the meetings, but nothing has been done. For example, a fire hydrant on Wigner Street is a safety hazard, if a vehicle would hit this speeding, like they do, it could cause a lot of damage.

I am sorry if I have stepped on any toes, but I felt I needed to write this letter.

Jo Ann Shock
Grantsville, WV

EDITOR'S NOTE: Shock is an outgoing town councilwoman in Grantsville.