Sideline Soldiers Vs. America


Dear Editor,

It is a shame the way some people can link whole groups under a heading of their choice, then when the tables are turned, try and change the whole concept of the situation.

No, we are not all in this together. I am in it because I want to try and make sure there are no more September 11's. I am in it because I hate to see all the years of bloodshed by our forefathers go for naught. These people have already hit us on American soil, and for anyone to think it won't happen again is pure folly. You might be a World Citizen, but I am an American. First, last, and foremost an American. And, as an American, I want to see Old Glory wave forever. And I would like to think I am not helpless to fight the overthrow of our government.

I cannot believe anyone professing to be halfway intelligent calling any war a "soap opera." And if this war seems to be perfectly scripted, then it is proof the coalition forces are the best trained troops in the world BAR NONE!

Evidently someone didn't spend enough time watching the news and current events on T.V. If they had, they would know the events that led up to this action. And I, along with five of my brothers, have worn military uniforms, so please don't again put everyone in the category of "Sideline Soldier."

Now I would like to recall what was said about the real truth remaining the truth. Let us try and examine the real truth,if there is such. Lets start with the first Gulf War. This was a U.N. sanctioned war, and we went there at the bidding of the United Nations, because we are a member of that Alliance. And, as in so many previous U.N.sanctioned actions, we accepted the brunt of the cost. We, along with the other participating U.N.troops, did another remarkable job of accomplishing the mission with minimum loss to civilian life.When the U.N.called a cease fire, they drew up a cease fire agreement which Saddam Hussein signed in good faith. But honor must be a word he doesn't understand, because he breached several articles of the agreement.

In the meantime, the Senior President Bush was ousted from office, and the new President Clinton supposedly made a demand that the articles of the cease fire agreement be honored. It must have been a very weak demand, because the U.N. basically ignored it.

Then came September 11, 2001. Surely everyone knows about this event,but in case some weren't in the comfort of their living room watching a "Soap Opera " of World Events, on that day a group of poor,deprived Middle Easterners, some of whom had been in this country for at least 7 years, accepting all the freebies and handouts granted them by this mean old government, decided they wanted to "Kill the goose that laid the Golden Egg." And like the cowards they were, high-jacked four airlines and did their dirty work. Now this is not halfway around the world. This is right here in the United States, and not all that far from good old West Virginia.

If it comes the day we are again attacked on our home soil, I hope to God I am surrounded by the warriors some choose to degrade,and not by a bunch of Lily-Livered Pacifists who would lie down and be murdered rather than fight for anyone or anything, loved ones included.

These are the men I would rather die beside.These are the type of men who shed their blood so all the duty shirking Peace Activists could have the right to march in protest of everything they don't agree with.God Bless President Bush and keep him active and strong.

Jack Brannon