We Did The Right Thing, Patsy


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Patsy's letter. Obviously, she wants to blame the wrong person for this war. What part did she not understand?

It was Saddam who defied everybody including his own people. He was the one who was supposed to step forward and do the right thing. I really don't believe that any one person wanted this to come to war. Does (Patsy) she think that we should have just forgotten about all those innocent people who were getting tortured daily in Iraq?

There are a lot of people out there rallying against this war just to be doing it. They have no logical explanation why. Let alone the fact, that they don't have any suggestions to try and better the situation.

I have one question for you, Patsy. How many good people have to die daily, while the rest of the world sets back and does nothing? There are a lot of cruel people out there like Saddam, which need to be removed from society. People like him have no place. He only loves himself. He doesn't care about his own people. You tell the world, what we should do with people like him, and how we should go about removing him, since you have all the answers.

Yes, I agree that it's a shame that innocent people are dying because of this, but look at how many innocent people Saddam has killed before this war began. He puts his own people in harms way, his military uses them as shields. Someone needs to care about those people. And when I saw on TV today, where they had pulled down that statue of him, and the celebration that came along with that. I knew that we were doing the right thing.

Laura Baudouin