JESSICA - The Lives She Has Touched


Dear Editor,

God works in mysterious ways, is something I have heard all my life. We pray for things to happen and when they do we say WOW, but as we begin to reflect back on it, we begin to realize the lives that are touched ,out of this prayer, is overwhelming.

Jessica Lynch has no idea yet, and maybe she will never realize, how many lives she has touched.

I had to laugh when I read in the Parkersburg News, that she had asked her parents if the Parkersburg News had said anything about what happened.... while at the same time, the restaurant I was at, was asking me if they could have the picture of Jessica, that was in the paper, to put up on their wall, to go along with the meal that has been named Jessica Lynch .The people , were talking about the power of prayer and how we get so busy sometimes, that we forget to pray. In a round about way, the Jessica story, has reminded people that YES, God does answer prayers.

As a STATE, we could have not asked for a better family to represent us. They have shown, through their down to earth, totally honest, interviews on national television, that yes, some of us may live on the country roads of West Virginia, but we have as much class and more than people from some of the so called, higher class states. I saw other interviews, from the more well to do, and they couldn't compare with the Jessica Lynch family. Maybe this will make people think twice, before they trash West Virginia.

WIRT COUNTY and PALESTINE has been put in a position, that people from all over the world, coming there as reporters saw first hand, how much people pull together, and pray together. Even though jobs are few and times are tough, that took a back seat, as people gathered to combine their prayers, and support the Lynch family. Maybe, the economics will change and the county will prosper. Who knows, God does work in mysterious ways.

I love reading the Hur Herald. You have done such a great job, this is the easiest, fun way to catch up on everything. I read a lot of newspapers online , but yours is the best. I know you have gone through some rough times. You report the truth, no matter what.... I know financially, it has to be rough, to keep it going. As a result of the Jessica Lynch story, people from all over the world are finding the Hur Herald, by typing in her name and hitting search...Once, people have read the Herald, they will come back to read it again...Once again, I can say...GOD DOES work in mysterious ways...I know ,because in my life, I have experienced it.

I am sure there are many more out there, that have been affected because of Jessica's story. She is a beautiful young lady, full of love for her family, her friends, and yes, her country. Jessica and her family will come out of this even stronger. A friend always tells me...that the very hard times we go through, that "what doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger" and I agree.

God Bless you and Dianne...Keep up the good work

Linda Reed