We Are All One Race - Response To Creston News


I have been reading Alvin Engelke's "Creston News" since I can remember.

Often over the years I have been incensed by his clearly racist and insular views of the world. As I feel the Chronicle has never been a community newspaper I never brought this up in a letter to them. I feel the Hur Herald is not the place for such words either. I believe completely in free speech. However, the Herald is not a place for hate. I was so angry I didn't read the Herald for quite a few days. Regardless of one's views in these hectic and confusing times I feel it is incumbent on all of us to remember that we are all one race: the Human Race.

To think upon racial lines is disrespect to the tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of the American troops who are black, hispanic, or other minorities. Thinking upon class lines would be more productive. Why is the army an army of poor people? Why is there only one son of a U.S. congressman or Senator serving in this war? Why is George Bush cutting veteran's benefits while asking us to support the troops? Why are poor states over represented in our armed forces?

regards to everyone I might know

Ben Mita