The Lynches Aren't Just A Slice Of Wirt County - they're in all of us


Dear Editor

From one rural area in America to another, greetings.

Wirt County is now on the map, and the Hur Herald is the world's internet connection to a glimpse of small-town life in West Virginia. Thank you for your presence, your coverage, and your truthfulness!

The Lynches aren't just a slice of Wirt County. They're in all of us. We have teenage daughters who aren't sure what they'll do after high school. God forbid they should suffer the recent trials of Jessica Lynch. Just the same, she makes us proud, and brings out the virtues to which we all aspire. We feel like she's part of our family. And her folks, in their humble response to the "big time" world press, carry a strong message of the values of family and country to millions of people they will never know or meet.

Thank you again for the Hur Herald

Sam Crawford

Bellingham, Washington