Dear Bob,

I have been trying to find a way to contact the Lynch family to tell them how wonderful it is that Jessica is alive,headed home and share my story.

The first time I saw her picture on the internet listed as MIA I was moved in my heart to pray for her ...

I immediately did and then gave her picture to the Yorktown Assembly of God Church, a local faith based church. My prayer was that God would stand in the gap between her and the enemy, that he would surround her with his angels and protect her.

I know that many people she knows have been praying for her but I wanted them to know that many across the country were and still are for our troops in Iraq. My prayer for our troops is again that God would stand in the gap between us and our enemies and show those who have eyes to see and have ears to hear that He is in the midst.

There will be many who do not believe, but for those who do they can be assured that He is standing in the gap fighting for those who stand up for righteousness and battle against evil.

Please if you would help me to relay this to the Lynch family.

Thank you In His name,

Bill Mahodil

Fishkill, New York

Editor's Note: It has been done.