Urges Support Of Local GVFD Department


Dear Editor, I'm writing for the support of our Fire Department. They are trying so hard to raise money for the very needed and well deserved fire truck. There isn't many people in this county in one way or another that haven't been helped by our volunteers. An automobile wreck, a house fire, an emergency run where EMS is needed but the fire department shows up to assist.

I myself was greatly awarded the help of the fire department volunteers 2 times within 2 months last year.... April 6th, 2002...my grandmother coded...the first there were fire department volunteers. My Grandmother died on the 7th but they did all they could for her. It was her time to go. on June 1st 2002, my Nephew (Anthony Swisher) was seriously injured in a four wheeler accident...at the age of 11 his life would have been cut too short. But once again the volunteers were there...they saved Anthony's life...I'm very proud to have the men and women who drop everything for such emergencies.. they deserve way more gratitude than they receive.

The new raffle is a $20.00 donation for the department. but you don't need to donate $20.00...a five dollar donation would help them so much. If everyone would pitch in, it would help them so much. I'm not in the fire department or EMS, just a citizen who appreciates them very much...if it wasn't for the fire department the EMS and the staff in the ER there would be no one to contact in an emergency...I just want every one to know this, I want them to think about it. I know every one has needed all of them at some point in their lives or will need them. Support our Fire Department, they count on our community like we count on them!

Thank you,

Kristi Jones