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MR. X HAS A NAME - Roger Propst


I just read your disgusting portrayal of our Secretary of State's presentation to the United Nations Security Council. You even questioned his right to do that without a dissenting opinion. Must I remind you we have only one Secretary of State to represent us; you can have your liberal Democrat when a Democrat is elected President. It seems you have more access to information than our own intelligence sources; trouble is, it is a bunch of assertions not backed by fact.

It is truly sad when someone defends a ruthless man like Saddam Hussein, and pillories the leaders of the most, caring, compassionate country in the world. America has no intention of "taking over Iraq"; the country will be turned over to the Iraqi people to govern themselves as soon as possible.

Of course no one seriously thinks Iraq plans to attack America as one nation attacks another; but rather the threat is cooperation with a terrorist group who will attack us as on 9/11. Oops, mention of 9/11 to guys of your persuasion draws immediate ire, since you infer we are trying to link that terrible event to Iraq. One thing that day proved to guys like Hussein is that there is a network of terrorism that has the reach to accomplish such a task. Common enemies breed uncommon bedfellows; remember, we were allied with Russia in World War II.

If I read your article correctly, you are also saying we shouldn't have defended Kuwait in the 1990 Gulf War, and that we lied to everyone for what reason I'm not sure. Has anyone ever said we took over the Kuwaiti oil fields?

Your polls you talk of that say the American people are heavily against this war do not seem to match the facts. I watch complete coverage of this every night on all the Cable networks, hearing both sides debate the issue. Most polls say the American people are for using force to disarm Iraq; it rises when the question asks with UN Support or not. I suspect part of that is about paying for it with help, rather than whether it is just.

Tony, I don't see anywhere in your lengthy article how you would go about disarming Saddam, I presume you have no plans. Heaven forbid we would have a President such as Dennis Kucinich, and a cabinet made up of Mike Farrell, Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, and Susan Sarandon.

Roger Propst

Editors Note: See Opinions & Comment (03/10/2003) OF PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS - "A Response to a Response to a Response"

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