A talk delivered to Peace Gathering at Spencer February 15, 2003 by Carl Shaw

We are here among friends and like-minded who detest war as a solution to international problems. We are here to shore up our pacifist leanings, but we must carry our ideals to the politicians who make policy. Listening to me and your other speakers, however motivating, should not be the point of this rally. We can have an impact on policy, if we speak our minds to influential people. We all should go from here to send letters, e-mail messages, and telephone calls to members of congress, the Appointed President, Mr. "W", the Vice-President, Mr. Chaney, Sec. of Defense, Mr. Rumsfeld, National Security Advisor, Ms. Rice, and Sec. of State, Mr. Powell.

These people just might listen to us if we make a better case than the one they have been trying to get us to buy. We can write letters to the editor of any newspaper. The Bush war is not a done deal. Many people have reservations. Many USA cities have passed resolutions asking "W" to wait for the Iraqi inspections before taking aim at Iraq. It is up to us to talk to friends and neighbors.

For nearly one year and a half "W" and his administration, and the media have been spreading alarm, fear, and distrust seemingly making it's primary business to keep the American public alarmed about suspected terrorists attacks. How did all of this start? In 1948 the USA and United Kingdom established the Jewish State of Israel. We did this largely in sympathy with Jews who were decimated by the German Nazis during the 1930's and 1940's.

Since then we have funded Israel to protect it from the Arab nations who at one time threatened to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean. With the help and encouragement of the AIPAC the USA has built the 4th greatest military power on earth in Israel. One million, or 20% of Israel is Palestinian Arabs. 92% of the land belongs to Jews. The Arabs have few political rights. The Arab unemployment rate is 80%. Most of the Arabs live in hovels. Arabs may vote, but only in restricted elections.

The Jewish State has bulldozed Arab homes and businesses, sawed down their Olive tree orchards, driven them out of the country, denied employment in Jewish areas, tortured them, killed them, made war on them , especially in neighboring Lebanon. The entire Arab - Islamic world has seen this, and naturally felt sympathy with their brothers. Altho most of the world likes us for our industry, standard of living, and generosity, they have dislike for the Jewish State and our support for that state.

Our greatest foreign policy problem stems from Israel, now headed by the brutal Arial Sharon. The Sept. 11 highjackers were not Hellers, out on a Devilment lark. They were Islamic people who wanted to either get our attention as to a condition we are responsible for , or they wanted to punish us for Israeli abuses of Palestinian Arabs. Isn't there a better way of protecting Jewish people than to create a religious nation which denies equal human rights to non-Jews? I can't believe that abusing Arabs is part of the Jewish religion.

I'm spending time on Israel, because I feel that Israel is the problem.

Saddam Hussein is just a part of that Muslim dislike for us. Some other Arab states also dislike our policies. We bribe Egypt to keep them from attacking Israel, now we are bribing Turkey and Saudi and probably Jordan.

We have been buying Iraqi petroleum for years, and helped Saddam a few years ago when Iraq fought Iran. If "W" attacks Iraq, Saddam might retaliate by attacking Israel. This scenario is too horrible to imagine, because Israel could defend with it's A bombs, inflaming the whole Middle-East. Is general Mid-East war an adult solution to our problem? Is mass death and destruction worth the oil? Aren't there other ways to secure Israel than by general war? If we were to cease our sale of military support to Israel or place conditions on their acceptance of our aid, I believe Islamic people would soon learn to respect us as they used to.

If we preemptively attack Iraq we will lose whatever credibility we had as a civilized nation. What if Canada, rather than USA was planning on attacking Iraq, a poor nation 8,000 miles from Canada, don't you believe USA would be condemning Canada?

Sec. Rumsfeld has threatened to wage 2 wars simultaneously -

Poverty and unwholesome social conditions usually underlie unrest--why can't we promise to help two poor nations to abolish their poverty simultaneously? Most nations could benefit from genuine land reform. This should be our foreign policy focus. If fundamental land and economic reforms were enacted, hunger and unemployment troubles would not happen. We would not get involved in weapon sales and wars.

After WW2 we insisted that Germany and Japan not re-arm, and not send troops to other nations. The German people, crushed by war developed a saying, "Una Once" "Without us." Make your war if you must, but without us. Now the Bush administration is unhappy with Germany's non-violent position regarding Bush's proposed war. Has "W" forgotten the lesson of history?

I am in my 8th decade—only in the 1930's were we not at war. Our foreign policy is war. We are now spending $1 billion per day on war. It is the largest part of the Federal budget. We are the world's leading manufacturer of weapons. We sell arms to ??? countries. There are now 30 wars going on -I suspect we have furnished weapons to most of those countries. We have thousands of our own weapons of mass destruction, stored in mostly the western states. Near Grand Junction, North Dakota are stored many A bombs. Nerve gas has been stored in Utah.

We have enough domestic problems crying out for solutions to keep us busy for the ages. Who's benefiting from war rather than peace? We oppose this war and any other war. Contact those who need to know your opinion. Thank you.

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