The Pinewood Derby Program Gives Thanks


Dear Editor,

The Allohak Council of the Boy Scouts of America held their 30th Annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby on Saturday, February 1, 2003 at the Grand Central Mall.

500 Cub Scouts, along with their families, raced on five different tracks in this double elimination event and had the time of their lives. Justin Haymond, Scout Executive for the Allohak Council, helped coordinate this annual event. Over 100 Scouting volunteers gave of their time and talents to help plan this event over the last year and to help with the all day event.

A big round of applause goes to the area media for their continued support. A big thanks goes to the Mall management staff, including Christy Swisher and Stacey Jacobs and the Mall Merchants of the Grand Central Mall for their continued help and support.

The Pinewood Derby Program requires participants to learn the crafts necessary to make the individual's car, the rules that need to be followed in the car making and the racing process and most importantly, sportsmanship. This has to do with how a Scout acts and behaves while participating in a Derby. This event is not just about winning, but also how to be a good winner and loser and spending quality time with your friends and family and most importantly, having fun.

Nationally each year over one million boys and parents team up to participate in a Pinewood Derby. They carve cars out of standardized kits, decorate the cars, weigh the cars and adjust their cars and finally race the cars. Their partnership of parents and son working together has become a symbol of this event success. The Allohak Council Pinewood Derby Committee sets simple rules for the Derby and each Scout receives a set of these rules with their official racing kit from the Scout Office. Race day the cars are checked to ensure that the rules have been observed. Scouts are required to build and race a new car each year.

Thank you to everyone who helps and support Scouting and who helped makes the Davis Anderson Memorial Pinewood Derby and outstanding success. We look forward to February 7, 2003 for the 31th annual Derby at the Grand Central Mall. Kathy Anderson Wise
Volunteer Coordinator
Allohak Council
Davis Anderson Memorial Cub Scout Pinewood Derby