My husband's 6th Great Grandfather was Paulser B. Parsons, born 1823, died 1897, he is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery on Rush Run at Orma, West Virginia. On a recent visit to his grave I discovered his stone was unreadable. Some members of his family decided to take up a collection to get him a new monument.

Rev. Homer Norman of Kentucky, Floa Swisher of Washington, WV, Harley and Gail Harris of Vienna. William Weekley, Carroll Weekley, Lowell and Janet Weekley, Sharon Weekley and Lear Parsons Weekley have contributed toward the new monument.

Paulser B. Parsons had children by two wives Statira Connolly and Nancy Mace. His children were Joseph P., Peter, M.P., Edward P., Maranda, Nathaniel (Dock), Andrew (Andy), Jeremiah (Jerry), Layafette (Lafe), Elizabeth C. and two children died young.

This family well populated Calhoun County and surrounding areas. Those who do Genealogy know and appreciate the hardships our ancestors endured. I am asking for donations for a new monument for Paulser B. Parsons and would like to ask your readers to send donations to: Ann Newell HC 75 Box 320 Chloe WV 25235 or Rev Homer Norman P.O. Box 146 Germantown, KY 41044-0146.

Their names will be recognized, but not the amount given.

Thanks, Ann Newell