Stop Rushing Around During Holy Season


Dear Bob,

I have a story to tell you, a little boy from Palestine came home from school one day and looked at the nativity scene his mother had put up, the mother was watching her son admire the scene. The little boy reached in and took the the baby Jesus out of the manager and laid it aside, his mother asked him why he had done that and he told her that the baby Jesus does not belong in the manager until Christmas Eve.

His mother did not know what to say, but she knew her son was right. When the boys father came home she told him about what her son had told her, and the father was amazed and admitted his son was right and that he never stopped to think about something like that.

I think this is a lesson for us all and I wonder how many people out there would have thought of this. I think this is a lesson for us all to stop rushing around and stressing out over this Wonderful Holiday and remember what Dec 25th is all about.

I feel ashamed because I am one of those people, and it took a 7 year old boy to open my eyes. So I am asking everyone out there that reads this story to just stop everything you are doing on this special day to wish our wonderful savior a Happy Birthday, he died for our sins so we need to remember him and thank him for all that we have and not worry about the things we dont have, take the time to dust off those bibles and read the birth of christ to our children so they may continue to tell this wonderful story to their children and grandchildren.


Linda Thomas

Chloe WV