Dear Editor,

Well Its that time of year again, the holidays are upon us and it is also that time of year to reflect on the years gone by and the loved ones that have passed.

Christmas to me over the years has lost its meaning. Living in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) Christmas has become a commercialized holiday.

I wish I could spend Christmas with my Family in Chloe WV and have a good ol' fashioned holiday. Growing up in the Calhoun County area we were poor but at Thanksgiving and Christmas the holidays had a meaning, it meant a time for families to come together and for families to celebrate together.

We never got expensive presents or toys we got the essentials, socks, shoes, shirts and pants. and you know those were, as the older folks would say, "The Good Ol' Days" (never thought I would ever hear myself say those words.) We always had a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and we were all together as a family and that is what mattered, family.

Being from a poor divorced family, Mom although, with my stepfather, always invited my real dad to these events. She always made sure he had a little something under our tree. It is sad now days that the holidays have lost so much meaning, sure I can send my family cards or send them a little present but it just does not feel the same as the holidays I had growing up...I guess I miss the togetherness of family around these Christmas I remember we as a family would go out cut down a tree (although one year we cut down a tree and Mom almost killed us over it, but that's another long story.)

Reading the Hur Herald is the only way for me to keep track of my heritage and my home town area. I want to say thank you so very much for providing it on the world wide web for me to read.

I would like to wish my family and friends and all the people in Calhoun County a very happy holiday season.

I hope they can take this time of year and reflect back to those "Good Ol' Days," when these holidays had a lot more meaning then they do today.

Billie Jo Greathouse
Seattle, Washington