Thanks For Benefit Support


Submitted by Lois Marks

The Creston Community Building was the place to be on Saturday, November, 16. A benefit was held for Janet Jett and Sandra Ashby.

Friends of Janet and Sandra would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their donations of food, items for the auction, door prizes, money and time that made the benefit a big success. A total of over $2,900.00 was raised to split between the two sisters to help with expenses they are enduring with their medical problems. We are still receiving calls from folks who care and donations are still coming in.

When you are putting together a benefit you always worry about the details. You wonder will there be enough food for the dinner, will there be any donations for the auction, will you have enough singers to entertain for the evening and it seems that right at the last minute the out-pouring of love explodes. That's what happened on Saturday. The dinner was set to begin at 4:00. Some of us had been at the building since 10:00 a.m. trying to get set up and cooking done. Then at 3:30 the food started pouring in along with items for the auction.

We ran out of table space so folks filled their plates and found any spot available to sit and enjoy. Then the singing started and it was time to wait for Donald Little, the auctioneer to appear. There were tables set up with guessing games and a Chinese auction along with a silent auction in the hall. When the actual auction started Donald looked at all the stuff and said "We may be here all night but we will get it sold," and we did.

Folks didn't seem to mind the rain and the mud or even the lack of tables. There were even those who when the line got too long at the restroom inside, were thankful that the little shack out back hasn't been torn down.

We thank you all for your love and support with helping the sisters. Most of all we want to thank all the people who have kept these two in prayers and for the prayers sent up for support for the benefit. It is the love and prayers that support our needs not the location or timing that a benefit is held.

Thank you all