Dear Editor,

Recent activities by Calhoun County Superintendent Tim Woodward has made me question if Calhoun County is going in the right direction towards reducing a 1.8 million dollar deficit in the school system.

The Calhoun County School system has a total enrollment of approximately 1,071 students. With 1,071 students in the county and a 1.8 million dollar deficit, Mr. Woodward creates an assistant superintendent position?

It is interesting to note that approximately 24 high schools in the state have enrollments exceeding all of Calhoun County. How does creating an assistant superintendent position help in reducing a deficit?

I see it as a slap in the face to teachers and service personnel that were stripped of a $600 supplement in order to save $100-115k. Mr. Woodward also proposes supplements of $9,100 for the treasurer/assistant to superintendent.

I am not sure how these two positions are linked but I do not feel that any treasurer for a county with a 1.8 million dollar deficit deserves an increase in pay.

Nor do I feel that a newly created position of assistant superintendent needs a supplement of $9,100.

I feel the people of Calhoun County are cognizant of the difficult decisions that need to be made in correcting the finances of the Calhoun County school system.

However, I am not sure the Calhoun County School System is going in that direction.

Cory Boothe
526 Sugar grove Rd.
Quinwood, WV 25981