SUNNY CAL POLYTICKS - Humphreys Election Crucial To Democrats, Republicrats Need To Come Out Of Closet


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Bob Weaver

The interest in the November 5th election in Calhoun seems to be at an all time low, which would indicate a lower than usual voter turnout. The Humphreys-Capito race has generated some excitement, mostly linked to the exorbitant amount of money being spent by the candidates, the largest amount of any congressional fight in America.

President Bush came to West Virginia last night stumping for Capito, and leading Democrats have come to support the Humphrey's campaign.

Few are giving predications on the Sampson (D) vs. Barr (R) race for Calhoun Commission, but Lee District voters are expected to turn out to vote for or against a retail liquor store.

Even Bim the Barber has quit the prognostication business.

Critical to keeping the county's only library door open is the Library Levy, which is only $30,000 annually. It would cost the average Calhoun taxpayer the equivalent cost of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk each year.

Polls suggest Amendment One and Amendment Two are in trouble, mostly because voters don't understand the initiatives. Neither would increase taxes and both are county option measures which could be used to spur economic development.

Polls show Capito leading, but Democrats are reminding the party faithful the importance of voting for Humphreys, related to political control of Congress by the Democrats, maintaining Social Security and reducing drug costs. Congressman Alan Mollohan and Sen. Robert Byrd have been stumping for Humphreys. Both view the situation as critical.

The Calhoun County Democrat Executive Committee are asking voters to turn out for this critical election and vote for Democratic candidates, according to Chairperson Margie Evans.

While registered Democrats in the state outnumber Republicans by a large majority, the Democrat ranks have been split in past elections, Democrats voting for Republicans. The power base in the West Virginia Legislature consists of "republicrats," most of whom do not support much of the Democrat ticket or Gov. Bob Wise.

It might be important for healthy politics and democracy, a strong two-party system, for the republicrats to register as Republicans, with clearer lines drawn on issues and agendas, resulting in better campaigns.

Several of the Democrat leaders in Calhoun have become Republicans in the past few years, although they still remain registered Democrats. Many of them supported Cecil Underwood, George Bush and Congresswoman Capito.

We know and respect many Calhoun citizens who are members of the Republican Party, but it would be enlightening if the republicrats would "come out of the closet" and make their positions known. Read Charleston Daily Mail's Political Loyalty Changing

We support the Democrat ticket, the party of the people, which we believe best represents the needs of ordinary people in rural West Virginia. Charleston Daily Mail columnist Dave Peyton writes about our plight and the status of middle class America in yesterday's edition Letter to a Visiting President

We encourage you to call your neighbors and ask them to vote on Tuesday.

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