"Oh, the West Virginia hills! How majestic and
how grand, with their summits bathed in glory ..."

Robert A. Mertz is a retired science teacher, having taught biology, wildlife management and environmental earth science for thirty one years In the public schools of three states, the last twenty nine years in Roane County.

By Robert A. Mertz

In light of the recent bills being worked on in the state legislature, I wish to make a few points that I believe we need to consider.

Many Democrat as well as most Republican politicians have sold their souls to the powerful persons known as corporations. These corporations are potentially immortal and have the right to free speech, (granted by the Supreme Court of the USA) and to use their vast amounts of money to buy access to the means to speak louder than every body else.

They have drowned out any meaningful discussion of the damage they are doing to our children's earth with their arguments that clean air and water are a impediment to profits and jobs.

The result is that we blood and fresh humans are being cheated out of our birthright to a sustainable world.

Our current economic system of an ever expanding economy is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that will leave our children at the end of the game with nothing of value.

The natural environment is the ultimate infrastructure and life support system of our space ship like planet.

Our democratic form of government is the only hope that we natural humans can overcome the power of the corporations and a few very wealthy individuals.

We have a very difficult problem because money provides the power for politicians to get elected and also to spread the propaganda that keeps too many of us blind to the dangers of our current path.

At the same time as they buy our elected officials, they work to convince us that government is the problem, rather than a possible solution.

Group action by way of voting is one of the few ways that we little people can hope to balance the power of the wealthy few that control many corporations.

Electing people who will pass laws that protect workers and our environment helps to temper the workplace focus on maximum productivity and profit.

Since We the People rule in a democracy, if we people do not make the effort to search deep enough to find the reality behind the smoke and mirrors placed before us, we are much like the emperor in the children's story, the one who parades through the streets in his underwear thinking he is wearing a magnificent gown.

Unless we will strive to educate ourselves to the problems we face, we will all be exposed to avoidable dangers.

By Robert A. Mertz

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