Thanks Given To Those Who Cared


I am writing to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and thoughtful contributions in regards to my recent tragedy.

It is so hard to believe that someone could be cruel enough to break into a home and burn it down. It is even harder to comprehend that they could go even further and lock up two innocent dogs, taking away their chance of survival. The hardest thing for me to believe is that it happened to me.

It is a living nightmare, but I feel that things happen for a reason. I cannot even begin to guess what the reasoning for this is, and I'll probably never know, but I do know that I can not dwell on it. I will forever have the pictures of the burned house engraved in my mind. I will forever have the memories of my dogs, Queenie and Azeezah. Most importantly, I will always remember the thoughtfulness and support that I have gotten from my family, my friends, and even from people I don't even know.

The support I have received, both financially and emotionally, has been overwhelming. I didn't know what to think, and I even had a hard time accepting help from people at first, then I realized I would be doing the same thing if it would have happened to someone else. I realized that it was just the natural instinct of all the good people in the world to do something good. It has reminded me that good, caring people do still exist. With friends and family, we can overcome anything. Thank you all so very much.


Martha S. Bunch