Dear Editor,

I met Doyle D. Hupp and his brother Paul Hupp the same day when, I started to work at B.F. Goodrich near Grantsville WV.

Both of these men greeted me with smiles and handshakes I have never, forgotten being treated so nice.

I worked for Paul in Packing Dept before transferring to Inspection Dept. In the inspection Dept I came under Doyle's supervision wow what a pleasant man.

Doyle was full of life almost always smiling that pleasant smile lit up his face. I remember Doyle telling me one time how much he loved sports to Doyle if it was a, Sport Football Baseball or softball, Doyle was watching or playing.

I worked for Doyle From 1972 to 1977 when I left to move to FL. When I handed Doyle my resignation He read it and almost in tears said " I truly hate to see you go" that's the kind of guy Doyle was.

I contacted Doyles home about 8 months ago to speak with him to renew a not lost friendship. His wife answered and said "He is not here right now but call back later this evening" but for some reason I did not.

So if I had the chance I will tell Doyle buddy I will miss you and cherish the times we had together.

Farewell Friend, Jim McCracken