CALHOUN MISSES MARCELLUS GAS BULLSEYE - Gas/Oil Production Stagnant, Regional County Production


Calhoun, in 2013, has 2,723 active oil and gas wells, missing the Marcellus Shale development.

In previous years: 2012-2,799; 2011-2,930; 2010-2,607; 2009-2,610.

In regional counties, active oil and gas well in 2013: Gilmer-3,000; Roane-1,837; Clay-1,257; Ritchie-4,868 (a leading Marcellus Shale county); Wirt-540; Braxton-1,027.

In Calhoun, natural gas production in 2013 at 3,286,359 mcf, with production in 2009 at 3,808,899 mcf.

Natural gas production in 2013 in regional counties: Gilmer-5,283,879 mcf; Roane-3,942,311 mcf; Clay-2,133,460; Ritchie-25,104,295 mcf (a leading Marcellus Shale County); Wirt-503,851 mcf; Braxton-1,692,092 mcf.

In Calhoun, oil production by barrel in 2013 at 98,036 bbl, with production in 2009 at 99,071 bbl.

Oil production in 2013 in regional counties: Gilmer-100,362 bbl; Roane-114,040 bbl; Clay-329,703 bbl; Ritchie-4,868 bbl; Wirt-25,136 bbl; Braxton-10,087 bbl.

Harrison County leads the state with natural gas production at 159,983,317 mcf, followed by Wetzel, Doddridge, Marshall, Mason and Ritchie.

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