THE NEW YEAR - Gratitude To Those That Serve Community


COMMENT Bob Weaver Calhoun, according to national statistics, is among the top 100 poorest counties in America, with West Virginia being among the poorest in per capita and median income.

Calhoun has likely been on that list for years, but we just didn't know about it, and natives went about their lives with their strong survival skills, making do with little.

Calhoun has among the highest aging populations, the young out-migrating to make a living since World War II.

Since the globalization movement, the job market for those choosing to live here has worsened. Thousands of low to medium paying jobs are gone, jobs that many once drove to for a living.

Most who have remained have for the most part carried on with a divergent acceptance of their situation to complaining about their plight.

The blame has often been laid at the feet of local elected officials, mostly because they're handy, while they often have no control over the powerful political and economic forces that shape people's lives.

This year, because of problems within the local school system, some blame has been laid at the feet of school board members.

At the very least, we should be merciful toward them for coming forward to do the job, with little doubt their intent and purpose is for the best.

As a county commissioner, my fellow commissioners, past and present, some of which did not support me politically, dutifully gave of themselves to keep the county going with stagnant resources.

The commissioners learned to take the blame over things which they could not control.

Trying to keep the Town of Grantsville afloat is an unwanted task, ever challenging, but citizens fill the positions and give it time.

The county commission, the school board and town officials, with a continued decline in population predicted, will face even more challenges with declining revenues.

Perhaps those who complain could show up as community members to volunteer and serve.

Fewer and fewer do.

Our volunteer emergency responders, not unlike elsewhere, continue to decline in numbers, a group on which we rely daily to help our community in times of distress.

Maybe a little more consideration in 2015 for those who serve and volunteer.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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