Remembering Pearl King


Dear Editor,

I was born on Spring Run. Just a short distance up the creek was the home of Bill and Pearl King. As I remember they had two sons: Billy Dean and Bernard. I went to school with Billy Dean at Spring Run School. I did not know Bernard.

Pearl was born and grew up on Road Run. She was a member of the Walbrown family. This family came to Calhoun from Germany. They were farmers and hard working people. The Walbrown home was a very nice place.

Pearl and Bill were both workers. They raised a large garden and had many fruit trees. Pearl and Bill were very friendly people and made excellent neighbors. Later in life they moved to a new home on Leather Bark. My family always read the Arnoldsburg News in the Calhoun Chronicle.

I prize these "giants" of my childhood. They were excellent role models.

James C. Haught