Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the column of August 8, 2014 titled "Act of God Drives Climate Change Denial". I would like to raise three points that have absolutely nothing to do with any "Act of God" that cause me to doubt climate change.

First, the actual science is that there has been no global warming (the original term) in the last 17 years. This is in direct conflict with the models put forth by 90% of the scientists you refer to that support the climate change theory. In fact, the term "climate change" was quietly substituted for "global warming" when these scientists realized the facts don't fit their theory. Climate change is a very convenient term that allows any weather event to be explained by this term.

Second, it has been well established that some of the same 90% of scientists have "cooked" their data to favor their position. While the Arctic ice cap did recede for several years, if you will check the facts, it has rebounded significantly in the past couple of years. Additionally, the Antarctic ice cap set a new record in size this summer.

Strangely, those 90% of scientists want us to believe only the Arctic ice cap effects our climate. Could it be that it doesn't conflict with their models like the Antarctic ice cap does?

Finally, the one question that no climate change believer can answer. If climate change is truly caused by increased emissions of carbon dioxide, and it truly is the dire threat the 90% of scientists want us to believe, then why is it not imperative for the entire world to reduce carbon emissions immediately?

Ever since global warming was first placed in the spotlight, one of the main remedies was for the United Nations to set up a system of "carbon credits" to allow "developing nations" to sell their credits to "developed nations" so the developed nations could continue to emit carbon dioxide. Can you explain how this is not a huge global socialist scheme to suck money out of the United States and Western Europe to benefit these "developing nations"?

If the problem is truly a dire issue, we need to reduce beginning now. Strangely, the scientists in China, India and Russia don't seem to share the same view as the 90%. These nations, and a few others, continue to increase their industrial capacity and carbon emissions while our economy suffers and our jobs go to many of these same nations.

I believe history will write that global warming and climate change were politically manufactured issues created by socialist leaning entities and governments out of their envy and hatred of the economic success of the U.S. and Western Europe.

I also believe history has written time and again that no man gains by taking what does not belong to him. History is replete with examples of hard work and ingenuity being rewarded with success. I believe history and your readers will be able to judge what is right, and "climate change" will follow the same path as "acid rain" and the "hole in the ozone layer".


David K. Cutright