Vote Yes For Liquor Store


Dear Editor,

So far, on the issue of seeking approval to operate a retail liquor store in Calhoun, I have been compared to a drug dealer by a person who does not know the difference between selling legal beverages and illegal drugs, and seems awfully afraid of law enforcement and road checks.

I have also been JUDGED by a Southern Baptist minister who thinks I came here to help people in a way they don't need. The fact is I was born and raised in this county. I graduated from Calhoun High School in 1966 and had to leave the county to find a decent job. For 30 years I wanted to live here, so we bought the business last year to make it happen.

I has been hard to accept some of the comments made about us, since we really do operate a good establishment and maintain order and a good atmosphere as we cater to people. It seems strange how few people were outraged by the problems that went on for years around the Millstone Inn, as we are doing the very best to keep high standards with our bar and restaurant.

If those who are opposed to voting for the retail store are trying to stop the sale of alcohol in Calhoun County (the last of West Virginia's 55 counties to do so), they are way off base. There are about 15 business establishments selling alcohol in the county now, and those who want liquor readily drive to Glenville and Spencer to get it. It will make no more or no less drinkers, or indeed alcoholics. The great majority of drinkers at our establishment are social drinkers.

We are asking the citizens of Lee District to go to the polls and vote YES for the retail store. It will create at least two new jobs and will help Calhoun County, rather than our neighboring counties.

We really believe if voters decide NO, nothing will change in how much alcohol is consumed and who consumes it, and the money will go out of county.

We respectfully ask for your support.


Fred and Pat Jarvis