'HIGH SPEED' INTERNET AIN'T SO FAST - Herald Facing Challenges


By Dianne Weaver

Hur Herald updates have been delayed for a few days because of slower than dial-up Internet access.

I called Frontier Communications Wednesday, June 18 and talked with a service tech to see why our Internet access was so painfully and frustratingly slow ... The conversation went like this ...

Dianne - Is Frontier experiencing problems or outages in our area?

Tech - I don't see any problems or work orders for your area. Lets do a speed test.

Dianne - I can tell you the results before we start...Slower than Moses...but lets do it.

Tech - The first thing I want you to do is unplug the power cord from the back of your modem, and leave it off for 2 minutes, and then plug it back in.

Dianne - 2 minutes go by ... OK, sir I have done that.

Tech - Now tell me when the power, DSL and Internet lights on the modem come on.

Dianne - 3 minutes elapse ... OK all the lights are on.

Tech - Now go to the address bar and type-in speedtest.net and hit Enter.

Dianne - Did it.

Tech - Is the page loading?

Dianne - Very slowly ... 4 more minutes ... the page is loaded.

Tech - Boy, that was slow. Now click the 'Begin Test' icon and let me know when the download and upload tests have completed and give me the results ... after about 10 minutes ... Mrs. Weaver are you still there?

Speed test status after 12 minutes total time elapsed

Dianne - Yes, I'm just watching the little ball go from the little pyramid to the little man. I don't think he's going to catch it though, it has stopped in mid-air, or cyber space or somewhere, maybe an alien ate it, I don't know.

Tech - I'm very sorry Mrs. Weaver, while we were waiting for the speed test to complete, I've done some checking and it seems you are in what Frontier calls 'a high demand area," do you know what that means?

Dianne - Of course I know what it means. It means Frontier has sold hundreds and hundreds of 'High Speed Internet' packages to the consumers in our are area and they haven't upgraded their equipment to accommodate them.

Tech - Well, I think Frontier is trying to work on their 'Broadband' problems in several high demand areas in several states.

Dianne - You think it, but do you believe it? Do you think the company you work for should advertise, and sell a product to consumers, but can not, or will not deliver the service promised, yet have no problem collecting our money, month after month, year after year?

Tech - I understand your frustration, Mrs. Weaver.

Dianne - And I'm sorry to vent my frustration to you. I know you're not responsible. Unfortunately, the consumer never gets to talk to anyone that could answer our questions. They are totally inaccessible because they don't want to admit that they've fleeced their customers for years, used our money, yet won't spend a dime of it to upgrade their equipment, so we can have what we've paid for. It is the same scenario as would be if Procter & Gamble was selling empty boxes of Tide ... But thank you for trying to help.

After hanging up with the tech, I let the speed test continue. After approximately 20 minutes the results were in ... drum roll ... Download speed 0.11 Mbps - Upload speed 0.17 Mbps.

I don't know if you'll ever get to read this, it may, or may not ever, upload.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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