Thanks For The Herald


Bob, Dianne and Norma,

Once again I want to thank you for your faithfulness in publishing the Hur Herald. It has helped me to re-establish my roots in Calhoun County. I keep up on the news of my family (there are a few remaining relatives), friends and the happenings of my home town.

Somehow this has become real important (could it be my age?). It was through the Herald that I learned of my close friends death (Joanne Kirby) and of the critical illness of her son, Larry. It was through the Herald that I first saw that a relative had passed on. Now, I don't just click on to get bad news but the other articles are informative and keeps me posted on the "happenings" in my beloved home town.

Just this a.m. I chose to look at the many letters you receive and I noted that the Herald is read from "sea to shining sea." Addresses from New York, Florida, California and even Missouri (not me). And I wondered how in the heck did we all wander so far from home? But as I read I saw the same nostalgia of people wanting to hear from home, and their love for their home town (state). In fact one of the addresses was from Japan.

You know, I think we should have a "Hur Herald" day next year. Set the date, time and lets see how many could make it back to honor the authors and show our appreciation for the Herald. I know I would do my darndest to be there. Each time I come in for the Griffin reunion I have a desire to meet you all, but you are off and about gathering news. Wonder how many readers would agree with me? This is a good idea! I don't have too many good ideas so we better work on this one.

Jordan Boyd,
Springfield, MO