A Sad Loss


Dear Editor

We have lost another dear friend.

Mary Proudfoot was an active member of the First Baptist Church when I first arrived there in 1993. She seldom missed a service unless there was a sign of snow, and then she refused to come off the hill. She told me how she had done that once and it snowed while she was in church and it was three days before she could get back up the hill. She had promised herself that that would never happen again.

Always gracious and always neat, I loved to visit in her home and hear stories of when she was a teacher. Having taught myself for 10 years before my call to ministry I loved to share stories.

I think most of all I enjoyed seeing her working in the yard around the house taking care of her flowers. That was a full time job for her and she did it so well. She and Gladys were two ladies who always had fresh flowers around the house and it was a bright day whenever I would go up the hill and see her plants.

I remember visiting her in PA just after she first moved there and Oh how she missed the south side. I came back and took pictures and sent them to her at her request.

I am sad that she has died, but now she will work in His garden and it will be a little better place.

Jim Pearson