OF PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS - It's Not News, It's Propaganda, Part 2


By Tony Russell

"You said that the F.B.I. cleared Edward Snowden of acting with anyone else or as part of a spy ring. Why are we even talking about this then? How can Mike Rogers pretend the F.B.I. report doesn't exist, go on TV, and accuse Snowden of being a spy for the Russian secret police?"

"When you're trying to sell a lie," said Tom, "you don't acknowledge the truth and apologize. You don't shut your mouth and slink away. You ignore the truth and boldly repeat the lie. You repeat it over and over, and in this case Snowden's attackers got TV talk shows to offer them a forum to spew their falsehoods on three major networks on one Sunday. Tell me, doesn't that strike you as a bit strange--this massive, one-sided, simultaneous attack on Snowden?"

"Now that you mention it," I said, "it does seem weird. It's just too great a coincidence to think that three networks all decided independently to feature attacks on Snowden on the same Sunday. Somebody had to have coordinated it. Orchestrated it. To pretend it just happened accidentally is as likely as numerous Japanese planes all just happening to descend on Pearl Harbor at the same time on the same day in 1941."

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