Say No To Liquor Store


Dear Editor, The arguments for a liquor store will never out weight those against. You cannot put family and liquor in the same sentence and call it good! As for this argument "If you have never been there you can't say anything," that is a bunch of hog wash! I have never used drugs, but I can tell you they are bad.

I've been hit by a drunk driver. I've seen normally gentile dads come home and beat their wives and children. I grew up not far from an infamous "carry out" and on the weekends it was not safe to be on our normally quiet road.

I admit I don't know Fred and Pat, but I know how they choose to make money. I am getting tired of people bringing junk here to help us poor people out! The attitude I saw in the letter they wrote was just that, they need to help us out. If they want to run a decent business that's one thing, but making money on peoples misery is another!

It is up to the voters, and at the last count they have turned it down more than once.

Stats about the costs of alcohol:

It is high time the citizens of Calhoun county stand for what they believe. We can't sit back and allow these things to go on. It's time to stop the insanity! Take responsibility for your actions. When someone wrecks and kills one of our kids because they had too much to drink, pat yourself on the back and say, I'm glad we have these tax dollars. They are much better than our family and children! Harsh, but it's reality! Live with it!

Don't give me this stuff about how people won't be driving drunk. You can't say that with a straight face. Vote NO!

Barry A. Miller
Pastor Arnoldsburg Southern Baptist