Accident Waiting To Happen?


Dear Editor,

My sympathies go out to the family and friends of the gentleman that was involved in the accident at Five Forks Store.

I was only a few cars back when the helicopter headed back. I realized that he hadn't been transported into the chopper, and that chances were that he had passed on.

I had wondered how long it would be before someone was involved in an accident because of the gravel left behind after the berm job on S.R.16. I have to travel that road daily, and I was aware of the gravel left behind on the roadway after the berm job. And I don't mean just a few stones here and there.

The fact that it took almost a week for someone to be involved in an accident seems amazing, considering that most of those curves are dangerous without the added hazard of the stones on the roadway. I realize that the berm needed gravel, but I followed the State Road trucks several times while they were working, and I know that they had a grader and several gravel trucks. But there was no sweeping equipment AT ALL on the job.

The first day or two after the gravel had been put down, it was nearly impossible to maneuver those turns at 25 miles an hour, let alone at the speed limit. I think the State Road should be held responsible for this man's death.

If the job had been done properly, the stone would not have been in the road way, and he probably would not have lost control. I believe in many other states the crushed stone is mixed with water and rolled when applied.

Are we so used to having dangerous roads in poor condition that we will just accept a death because our Highway Dept. (for what ever reason) doesn't do their job correctly? Is that what we have come to? Please tell me it isn't!

Thresa Liles