YES For A Liquor Store


Dear Editor,

I'm writing concerning the letter submitted by Ms. Buvoltz. I was very upset and appalled that she could pass judgment and bash Fred and Pat Jarvis. Unless she has met this couple or visited their establishment, then how could she say such judgmental and degrading things?

I have frequented this establishment many times, and have met and known Fred and Pat for awhile now. They run a nice, clean, fun, and SAFE business. This couple cares about their patrons, they are always asking if you are having a good time, or if there is anything they could to change things in their business to make you feel more welcome. They have cameras inside and outside to keep up on anything that might go wrong and to safeguard their patrons.

I have seen them cut people off from alcohol and they DO make sure everyone has a safe way home. They have rides for people that they felt had a little to much to drink. This couple does care about people, their business, community, county and country.

As for the liquor store adding more drunk drivers to the roads, how can it add to a problem that has always been and will probably continue to exist? I work in a convenience store that sells more alcohol than this establishment or for that matter a liquor store that may or may not be built, and I don't see anyone complaining about these businesses. I figure some people aren't happy unless they can gripe and complain about something.

My vote will be YES for the liquor store, two or three more jobs are better than none, and we would be keeping much needed money within our county.

Sincerely, Tina Hall