No Progress, No Change


I have just finished reading the letter that Patsy wrote, and I am outraged that she can judge people, before she truly knows them. People like her are what is wrong with our nation today.

Her views about the liquor store is her right. But to make judgment on people by which she has no basis is clearly wrong. I know Pat and Fred, they are clearly down to earth people with good views and morals. They have a son who along with many other people, like my husband, honor our country with their lives.

They have a right to set in front of that flag just as anyone else who chooses to do so. We need everybody to be on America's side. We American's need to be proud of who we are. If we don't make a stand for ourselves, then we leave the whole world open for opportunities to strike again.

As for the liquor store, I believe that it is a good idea. For years, the Calhoun people have been giving their money to other counties and contributing to their progress. One of the reasons, why Calhoun is such a poor county, is because certain people want it that way. No one wants to bring progress to the county. And yes, 1-3 jobs do mean a lot to some people.

The voters will decide about the liquor store, not one woman. If Calhoun is given a chance to improve, I believe that there are enough good people still around to provide a safe and healthy place for all Calhounians. There is a strong back bone in Calhoun, but it takes the people of Calhoun to make a change.

Laura McKown Baudouin