More On Liquor Store


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to a letter written by Patsy Buvoltz, does this women know Pat and Fred Jarvis? Has she ever been to there club? I don't think so, or else she couldn't have written such a letter.

They are very nice people and run a very clean and friendly place, if you start trouble there, you are out the door. They serve very good food and have great entertainment. They are in no way pushers of any kind.

You say that you socialize in circles where drinking is a daily norm, so where does your circle go to get liquor, and do they wait to get back home to open it...or do they open it and drink it on the way back from the liquor store? There are a lot of people out there who drink and are going to drink no matter how far they have to go to get it and some of them open that bottle and drink it on the way back. If the liquor store is closer then hopefully they will be home before they're intoxicated, and the money can stay in our county and help create more jobs.

You have the right to vote the way you feel, but I don't feel you have the right to judge these people that you don't even know and compare them to drug dealers and pushers.

I think it is great that we now have a place where a husband and wife can go out, have dinner, listen to nice music and dance, or even sing...they have karaoke nights and we have a lot of people in the community who are very good singers, it is a lot of fun, I for one enjoy myself very much.

Debbie Mckown