Liquor Store Response


In response to a letter written on 8/28/02 by Patsy Buvoltz. In our opinion, everyone has the right to their views on a liquor store in Calhoun County, that is what makes this a great country.

We, ( Fred and Pat Jarvis) have a son, who, fights for those rights everyday. He returned from Afghanistan safely, thank God. He went there to defend those rights. We have been displaying the American flag at the Millstone Inn since the day that we bought it, to show our support for the many soldiers that are fighting for those has nothing to do with a liquor store.

We did not feel confident, that we could get a store here. We paid the money to the state, because that is the legal process that has to be gone through. The voters in the Lee district will ultimately decide if there is to be one here or not, that's the American way.

Legally selling alcohol at the Millstone Inn, which is controlled by the state has nothing to do with drug dealing. we do not. nor have we ever done any kind of drugs, we don't even smoke cigarettes. We bought the Millstone Inn because we wanted to live and work in Calhoun County.

As the letter pointed out...there are few jobs in Calhoun County so by buying the bar we have created our own jobs. We believe the way to having more jobs in the county is by starting with 1, 2 or 3 and growing, that's called progress.

As far as the public officials and us having a side deal worked out with them, we didn't even know who they were, we had to go to the court house to find out.

We run a legal, friendly, clean bar. Our food is great, we have a lot of really nice customers, and we will not apologize to anyone, for the way we make a living. We are proud of the changes that we have made here. Our rules are, no concealed illegal drugs and no unruly behavior on these premises. We also do not serve anyone who we consider as having had enough. Whether they bought it here or somewhere else.

the voters will decide in November if they want a liquor store in Arnoldsburg. We hope they will vote for it, but if not that's OK, too. We will just continue to go to Gilmer County to purchase the liquor, and the tax dollars from that will remain in Gilmer County. That's why we call this a free country. We the voters make the decisions.

Fred and Pat Jarvis