Liquor Store Will Cause More Problems


Dear Editor,

It is hard enough to swallow the propaganda of the "good clean family bar", portrayed by a photo of the bar owners sitting in front of the American flag. (8-22-02) But now they want to flood the county with easier, faster, and more convenient ways to get drunk.

It is a fact that alcoholism is rampant in areas where there is high unemployment, and Calhoun county seems to have a very high rate of both. Believe me, I know, I've lived here a long time, and socialize in circles where drinking is the daily norm.

I feel that adding a liquor store to the Arnoldsburg area will cause MORE drinking, more drunken drivers, more accidents. Or maybe there is a side deal worked out with the local "public servants" so that the county can make more money on fines for DUI's?

Many times the only thing that keeps someone who is in "party mode" from going to the store for another bottle is the distance factor. Having the liquor store so much closer will cause a lot of folks to take the risk, thinking the odds of getting caught will be less.

I am highly suspect of anyone pushing alcohol in the name of patriotism, God, or "More jobs for the community." How far are two or three jobs going to go in this community anyhow?

And now they have the audacity to go out and purchase licensing for this imaginary store, spending nearly $1000.00 on a dream, when it has not even been voted on yet???

It would seem that these people are awfully sure of themselves for some reason. I am sorry, but there is NO GOOD WAY to deliver alcohol to the masses, and all the candy coating in the world does not change this fact. Quite the contrary, this smacks of the way drug dealers operate, trying to push their wares upon the masses by saying it can't hurt you and smiling all the while.

So, does Calhoun County need more "pushers"? I think not. And I will vote accordingly.

Patsy Buvoltz