Football Field Conflict


Dear Editor

I just wanted to say a few words about the football conflict.

First, let me say that I am NOT a football parent. I only have one child left at CCMS and she is into dance, not sports. But, I do have an opinion on this mess.

I don't understand how the School Board can sit there and say that the new football field is "too fragile" for use my the youth league. If I'm understanding this correctly, that mean that small boys would be doing major damage to a field that we have 200 lb high school players practicing and playing on. I do understand that the additional wear and tear would not be advantageous to the field, but to state it in such a manner is ludicrous.

I thought the goal of sports was to teach these children how to work with one another and have faith in one another. How can they have faith in us, as parents, if we allow this type of discrimination? What are we saying about the youth league and the children that are participating in it? Aren't we telling them that they aren't as important as the high school players, that they don't mean as much?

ALL of these children are our futures, and we should give each and every one of them the same opportunities and support. By not taking into consideration the message that is being given we, as the adults in this county, are basically telling the youth that they really don't matter and will not matter until they reach a certain age or until they have obtained a certain place in this society.

This is certainly NOT the message that I want my daughter to have. I don't want any of the children in this county, or this nation to believe that they are not important just because they are young. I don't want any of these children to think that they are unimportant for ANY reason.

Maybe the "powers that be" need to stop and look at the future of the whole county, and of this very nation, and not just the future of some grass on a field.

It's just my opinion, thanks for letting me express it.

Thresa Liles