Open Letter From Helen Johnson - Grantsville Town Recorder Candidate


Citizens of Grantsville,

My name is Helen Johnson; I am currently seeking the office of Town Recorder. I have lived as a citizen of Grantsville for over 50 plus years. I graduated high school, married, worked and raised 3 children in the town of Grantsville.

I am a retiree of Calhoun Banks after 28 years of employment as Operations Officer. I have been a member of First Baptist Church of Grantsville for 52 years and have functioned as their treasurer for 20 plus years.

Involvement in my community is a number one priority of mine. I am currently serving on MHHS hospital board. I have served as an American Cancer Society volunteer for 20 plus years. Also am a volunteer for the American Red Cross blood drives in the Grantsville's town area.

I have served two terms as the Grantsville Town Recorder and feel that I did the job to the best of my ability. I will serve you again in the same manner if chosen by the citizens of Grantsville for another 2 years.

Hard work and dedication is what it takes to make anyone succeed, and I will strive to put forth every effort to prove that if chosen as Town Recorder on June 11th 2013, I hope you consider me for your vote!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Helen Johnson

Grantsville Town Recorder Candidate