Grantsville Mayor Makes Campaign Statement - Curtis Garretson


I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the last two years as I served as Mayor of Grantsville. I also want to thank the council members: Andrew Smith, Erin Barnhart, Geneva Nicholson, Loretta Stevens, Katherine Kerby, and Dorothy McCauley and recorder Robert Petrovsky for working collaboratively together with respect to make Grantsville a better place to live. I feel that this administration has made positive strides over the last two years.

This administration has made an aggressive stance on cleaning up the town; dilapidated houses and buildings are being dealt with, old parking meters have been removed, and I'm working diligently on cleaning up the town property known as the "Pit".

My goal for the "Pit" when I took office was at the very least have the property filled and cleaned up. Myself and the council have debated the best solution for this property as opportunities have presented themselves. At this moment I am negotiating a lease agreement with a business to come in which may create more jobs and allow the town to keep ownership of the most valuable piece of property in town. I hope to seek the council's approval soon after the new council takes office.

Projects are being planned in and around the town that will make a noticeable difference to everyone who visits. The roads in Grantsville have not been paved for over two decades. A grant along with community support and a healthy general fund has allowed this administration to schedule the paving of a few of the roads in the town.

Another project that will take place will be the demolishing of the old Western Auto building, along with the green house structure that sits next to it. This project is taking place with the assistance of a volunteer program, which the owners of the property decided to participate. The original funding for this project, I had planned to use for the old Rainbow Hotel; however, the owners of the structure were not willing to participate in the program. The old Western Auto building will be demolished in either July or August.

I'm also excited to see other projects taken place in and around town that the town doesn't necessarily have a hand in. A new DHHR building was built just outside of town limits; I worked numerous hours to get this structure built in the town limits but at the end was unsuccessful. However, I'm pleased that they decided to stay in close vicinity to the town. A new church is also being built on Southside of Grantsville, Cornerstone Praise and Worship. I'm looking forward to seeing the structure being built. These projects are a wonderful thing for the town. I receive inquiries quite often on possibilities for new businesses to locate in our area. I'm optimistic that these types of projects will continue in the near future, and I will do my best to see that it happens.

The town is also improving the infrastructure of its utility services. A water project of $1,388,000 allowed the building of a new 300,000 gallon storage tank, along with new lines to Minnie Hamilton to improve fire protection, as well as other improvements to the town's water system. The town has also applied for and are preparing for a $1,200,000 sewage project. We are proposing this project to repair our sanitary system to stay in compliance with an issued West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) order. The project consists of replacing 1,200 LF of sanitary sewer line incorporating replacement of manholes, installation of a Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP) into approximately 1,400 LF of sanitary line, incorporating manhole rehabilitation, installation of an E/One grinder station, and remedial works at the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

As the Mayor of Grantsville, I have worked closely with a number of outside agencies along with state politicians to improve the town in any way possible. I have taken this job seriously and hope you will give me another two years to continue to make positive strides for the Town of Grantsville.

Thank you,
Curtis Garretson