To All Voters of Grantsville - Graham Knight


My name is Graham Knight. I was born at MHHCC in Grantsville on January 21st 1993. My parents are Gary and Rose Knight of Grantsville.

I am currently a candidate for the office of Mayor of Grantsville. I believe that community service is everyone's duty, and that we should all answer that call and serve for the betterment of our community.

I view the office of mayor not in a political sense but in a community service sense. No one should seek that office unless service to community is his or her sole objective.

All too often, people seek the office of mayor and/or council as a means of fulfilling some personal agenda. This is not acceptable, and it is detrimental to the community.

I do not seek a title or an opportunity to fulfill any personal goal other than service to my community. I believe that no other reason is satisfactory for seeking the office of mayor.

I am proud to be a member of the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department. I have committed several hours of my time and energy to fighting fires and training to become a better fireman.

I understand that a salary increase that triples the current mayor's pay has been suggested. I would like to see that increase placed into a special fund to be used toward the betterment of the community i.e. projects, repairs, etc.

If elected, my administration will spend more time than is currently spent in a committed, working, and dedicated effort to serve our community as best I can. This I promise to you.

I respectfully ask for your support in the upcoming election for mayor of Grantsville, WV.

Graham Knight
Grantsville, WV