Big Field Not For Little Players


As a taxpayer in Calhoun County as well as a parent of children involved in the Little League Football program, I am truly disgusted with the recent decision by the superintendent and school board to deny the use of the new football field to the little league program. Likewise I am angered that something that my tax dollars helped pay for is being refused to my children.

As everyone is well aware Wayne Underwood Field is in a shape of ill condition. Aside from the bleachers being removed, the concession stand being rendered useless, and there being no electricity or scoreboard, the condition of the 'home team' side of the field is a safety hazard.

As other readers have mentioned, one has to wonder if these were the children of the board members that were playing, would the decision be the same? I would question as well that if the Red Devil football season were to begin in mid August, would the field still be too fragile for the varsity team to use? I seriously doubt it.

I can understand that the school is concerned about the condition of their field prior to their first season on it, but I fail to see the damage that would be caused by these little children using it.

Isn't it ironic that the board is turning its back on the tax payers who elected them to this position? Perhaps more voter education should be employed prior to the next election.

Chuck Kendall