Reader Tells Of Calhoun Connection - Asks For Assistance


Dear Editor, I make a couple of trips each year to Calhoun County to visit family property on Leading Creek. Over the last few years, people have begun to dump old tires and other refuse on the old uninhabited farm. I live in Georgia and don't have close relatives in Calhoun County. Is there any agency that could assist me in getting this dumping cleaned up?

The old property is very remote and has been a place of solitude and escape for me over the years. My great grandfather purchased the property in the early 1900's. Mom has letters from her father - the late Herbert J. Ferrell, which he wrote to his parents in Grantsville while overseas during WWI. He mentioned the farm on Leading Creek in those letters.

For a time, there was a house on the farm which my grandfather and grandmother (Cloe Ferrell) lived in. They moved to Grantsville in the mid 1920's. The old house was rented out for a period in the thirties but appears to have been abandoned in the early 1940's.

Sometime after WWII, a squatter by the name of Jones took up residence in the old house. The individual lived off the land and soon began tearing wood from the upstairs walls to burn for heat. Mom's uncle Zeke Ferrell paid a visit one afternoon and informed the squatter that he had come to help him move. Mr. Jones responded that he hadn't planned to move. Uncle Zeke said that was fine but that he was burning the house in one hour.

My parents have taken me to that old farm for many years. It feels a part of the family - even though we don't spend much time there anymore. I'll turn 50 in a few months. I still try to take mom and dad over to the farm once each year. Dad is 86 and mom (Oleeta Ferrell Buckner) is 80. I enjoy hearing the oft told tales of people and experiences recalled from Calhoun County.

I also take my son to the farm each year to hunt, camp and just hike around. I hope he will feel the attachment I have come to feel for this old property. That's the story of my Calhoun Connection. I would like to find some help for removing that which has been illegally dumped on this farm. I would also like to find someone who would be willing to bush hog the grown over fields once each year. If anyone could offer assistance, please contact me.

Best Regards,
Joe Buckner
Lawrenceville, GA