Every Child Deserves The Same Chance


To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the School Board's decision not to allow the Midget League Football program to use the field at the new Middle/High School.

When the new school was in the planning stages, it was said that it would benefit all the children. The old Wayne Underwood field has had everything removed, no utilities, no bleachers, nothing. The School Board is forcing the Midget League to use what remains, with no consideration for the future varsity football players of Calhoun County.

I think it is a shame that the parents of kids who grew up playing on the Midget League teams are now turning their backs on the ones that remain, because their own kids are now on the Middle/High School football teams. Doesn't every kid deserve the same chance, no matter who their parents are, or how much money they make or what their status in the community is?

As a taxpayer of Calhoun County, I am ashamed of our School Board for turning away and letting down the youth of our community. I encourage all other taxpayers to voice their opinions and to let the School Board know that these children are the future of Calhoun County football and that you support them.

Judy Metz