Grass Will Grow Back


Our youth has so little time to make a "lifetime" mark on their life at school functions. Sports are a great building block for the future development of a well rounded student. Why would you put a few blades of grass and a little bit of dirt over the development of a child? You and your board members should be ashamed of your actions.

I graduated in 1956 from Calhoun and my school activities as a member of the band, a majorette, girls basketball team, and the tumbling team made me want to come back to Calhoun in my retirement to do community work. I love Calhoun County and that includes the school that gave me an excellent opportunity to make me the person I am today.

Why should these parents have to beg for something that is insignificant in nature? I think you need to have another board meeting and support these youths to the fullest. We all realize the damage the vandals did to the field earlier but this is not our youths fault. I feel this is an "excuse" on your part and this hurts the future football program and student at Calhoun High School and this is not acceptable. The old football field cannot be done in time and the condition of that facility puts players and spectators in harms way.

I pay taxes in Calhoun but that has nothing to do with my view on this subject. As I stated grass will grow back but these students will never be able to recapture this time in their lives. Our students are as tender in growth as you state the grass is so tender. Both are young and tender and needs nurturing.

Bertha Jean Cromley
Fort Myers, Florida