Field Should Be For All Youth


Dear Editor, I am writing this in response to the "consensus" of the Calhoun County Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools that the Youth Football Players/Cheerleaders should not be allowed to use the new football field and facilities. I feel this is very wrong. These kids are the future of Calhoun County and have the right to use these facilities that are supported by Calhoun County taxpayers, volunteers and donors.

I fail to understand how these 7-12 year old kids could do damage to the field. At the very most, it might require some new grass seed. I am sure this will be the case anyway, with the Varsity Players using it. The Youth League is asking for four Sunday afternoons, stretched out over a two month period. I do not see how this minimal usage could even be noticeable.

These kids have no other functional field to use. The old "Wayne Underwood" field has been stripped of all the functional equipment that was there. There is no functioning score board or PA system, no water for concession or bathroom facilities, the two old bleachers that were left are questionable at best, and the stairway accessing the announcers booth is gone. The area under the announcers' booth is a snake pit and an accident looking for a place to happen. How can you have a game without a scoreboard?

I think the people of Calhoun County have been lead to believe that their efforts, whether it be tax dollars, donations of time, money, or any other type of support of the "New Calhoun Athletic Complex" was for all the youth of this county, not just a chosen few.

I do not know a whole lot about football and even less about the politics of this county, but I do know right from wrong. This is WRONG! It is very wrong to turn these kids away.

If you agree with me, I encourage you to contact your elected members of the Calhoun County Board of Education and your Superintendent of Schools and let them know that you support ALL of the Youth of our County.

Sharon Laughlin