Field Too Fragile?


Dear Editor,

I pay taxes like everyone else in Calhoun and most of the parents that have young kids in youth football ages 10 and above plus there aunts, uncles, and grandparents also pay taxes. I would like to to know why, if my son wanted to play next year when he is in 5th grade and in middle school won't be able to play on the new field. I and his family are paying taxes on something he can't or won't be able to use. I would like to know what gives the board of education or Mr. Blankenship the right to tell tax payers where their kids can play sports? Wasn't it the tax payers that put him and the board of education in office? Let me know if I'm wrong. I pay taxes on a school that my kids can't use...that's bull! God forbid if kids 100 lb. and below might make the field too fragile.

Tina Dawson